beneath sheets of dust

from by Continents.



Pinning down the symptoms,
cynical and self-destructive, bipolar to the bone,
prone to worst-case scenarios,
tangled words stuck in the back of my throat.
not quite sure if this is the end yet, but I curse and loathe you, my silhouette.
I just wish I could rest assured that everything will be ok.
I'm pretty sure now that everything will be ok.

For what it's worth, my mind strays more and more and more every day.
Drafting the preface of an unfinished plot, page after page.
I can't afford poor decisions anymore.
Watching you become so blunt, sick and sore has left me running out of things to say.

More people have come and gone than I can even remember.
These farewells spoken softly and sadly just take time to set.
So young and careless and so very far from death.
Hearts won and lost in a race to the end.

All this time spent in reminiscence and stagnant efforts to relive the past.
I see this for what it is now, but I'm not ready to shed this skin quite yet.

You can never leave everything behind.
Regardless of how hard the fight,
no matter how beautiful the love you find,
or how many bloodstained lines you write.
It's part of you until the end, brush off and live life.


from in streams of light doth linger, released July 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Continents. Dresden, Germany

An attempt at bridging the gaps between desperation, aggression, hope and honesty but somehow getting stuck naked somewhere in the middle of nowhere screaming your lungs out.
a soundtrack, a tragedy, a smile.

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